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Adrienne is a portrait and personal branding digital photographer based out of Oklahoma City. Adrienne is not only a sister to the hosts, but also did the photography work for this podcast. If you are interested in hiring Adrienne for all your photo needs, check out her website and follow her on Instagram @adrienneturnerphoto.


Josh turner is a classically trained musician with an emphasis in percussion. Married to the woman who created our photos, your hosts have coerced their brother-in-law to compose our tunes for Artpop Talk. Check out the band Dischordia where Josh is the lead vocalist and bassist. Follow @dichordiaband on Instagram.

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Syd Hammond is a digital character and graphic design artist.  After working on many museum and curatorial projects with Syd, it was clear she was the girl to design the logo and graphics for Artpop Talk. Working closely with Syd to develop this project has been a dream and a breeze- she knows how to catch a vibe! Follow @nebula_inky on Instagram, Twitter, Patreon, and Ko-Fi.  DM Syd to find out more about her work or for private commissions


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Graphics by Syd Hammond 



Every 27-29 years, Saturn completes one full orbit around the sun and returns to the zodiac sign it was in when you were born. This brings about changes and lessons that give your life a revamp. The founders of Saturn Vintage, find themselves in the midst of their Saturn returns. This means starting a new adventure, seeking out vintage pieces of the highest quality, and giving them new life through you, as a Saturn Vintage costumer.

This business women special has been in the making since college, where founders Abby and Giuliana bonded over their love of fashion and working at the university's costume history collection. Among the tool, lace, and rhinestones, our passion for vintage treasures was cemented. Giuliana remains today the funniest woman we know and is APT Nation's favorite cousin!

Follow Saturn Vintage at  SaturnVintageShop and head over to Saturn Vintage Shop where you can find your unique and vintage piece! 

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Beatrice Levine is an Art Historian and content creator on Instagram and TikTok. In 2015, while studying abroad in Rome she met her best friend and now business partner Allison Woods. Together they combined Beatrice's love of Art History and Allison's love of social media to create Culture Quota- a one stop shop on Instagram that celebrates the intersection of art and pop culture.


Years later, after noticing the lack of chic, affordable art history merch Allison and Beatrice came together again and launched Glamour & Honey giving Culture Quota it's own line.  This art history apparel has become a CQ fan favorite, especially the Artemisia Crewneck and Caravaggio Basic Tote. 

Use code ARTPOPTALK for 10% off your order! 

Products by Glamour & Honey


Jane and Paloma are the founders of Women's Art Wednesday, a collaborative organization dedicating to highlighting the lives and work of women artists in history and today on accessible platforms.


Art is always a reflection of the world around us, but most people can’t name even five women artists in history. By sharing the histories of women artists past and present WAW promotes a more equitable future for women in the arts and beyond.


Join them here and discover a new woman artist every week, with a brief researched history — by women art historians at a bachelor’s degree level or higher — sent directly to your inbox. 

And check out the WAW book here!