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Jenn Johnson 

Jenn Johnson is an artist and printmaker from Oklahoma whose focus is queer and figurative abstraction. They obtained a BFA in Printmaking and a BA in Art History from Oklahoma State University in 2018. Johnson has worked with various artists and community members throughout Oklahoma while working as a printmaker and graphic designer at the Prairie Arts Center in Stillwater, OK, and in Long Island, NY as an intern at Universal Limited Art Editions. Their work has been shown in Cimarron National Works on Paper at the Gardiner Gallery of Art in Stillwater, OK, 528.0: Regional Juried Printmaking at the Arvada Art Center in Arvada, CO, and in New Editions: a Printmaking Exhibition at the Indianapolis Art Center in Indianapolis, IN. Currently, they are teaching and pursuing an MFA in Printmaking at Indiana University. 

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Dan Lynh Pham is a Vietnamese artist and illustrator in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Pham uses a variety of art mediums from watercolors, sculpture, and digital art and illustrations. She completed her BFA in Studio Art at Oklahoma State University in 2016. Pham has had solo shows in Oklahoma and Texas. She has been featured in publications such as xPLICIT Asia, Everyday Humans, ASLUT Zine, and Modernista Group AP Publishing. Pham’s work focuses on her ongoing fascination with her identity, socialization, and the construction of culture. Her work aims to redefine what it means to be an Asian American woman.

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Andrea Duran-Cason is an interdisciplinary artist based in Norman, Oklahoma. She has spent most of her educational and professional career in the arts, winning numerous awards and achievements along the way. She earned her BFA from The University of Oklahoma with a focus on painting and printmaking and the human form. In 2018 she received her MFA from Vermont College of Fine Arts where she shifted focus to installation, performance and relational aesthetics.





Marium Rana is a American-born Pakistani visual artist. She works primarily in ink and aqueous media. She also specializes in murals and modern miniature painting. She paints places that do not exist in our tangible world. Marium is a graduate of Florida State University where she has received her BFA in Visual Art and a Masters in Art Education. 

Amber L. DuBoise-Shepherd depicts contemporary Native American narratives based on her family heritage of Navajo, Sac & Fox, and Prairie Band Potawatomi. Her mixed media pieces and oil paintings reference an illustrative quality. She has an Associates of Art from Seminole State College and completed her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Spring 2016 at Oklahoma State University. 


Gianna sits down with Artpop Tart Clara Titus to discuss her perspective on the show as a listener and how she utilizes the podcast to facilitate artful conversations. Then we discuss Clara's sculpture series, Savannah, composed of animal bones and ceramic flowers which addresses her relationship with the universal experience of death. Visit Clara's website and follow her on Instagram @claratitusart.

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APT sits down for a dream interview with Painter and Muralist, Yatika Starr Fields! Fields is from Oklahoma and currently lives and works in Tulsa in conjunction with the Tulsa Artist Fellowship. He makes "kaleidoscopic imagery, with dynamic pop, symbolism, and culture aesthetic, that reference both historical and contemporary themes- tied together with traditional affinity but provoked by general concerns of world differences." Visit Fields' website and follow him @yatikafields.