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Eps. 89: An Artpop Talk with
Beatrice Levine: Creator of Culture Quota

Eps. 86: How 'Bout Eggs?

Eps. 79: Labors of Love

Eps. 71: The Sackler Family:
Museum "Philanthropy" & Dopesick Recap

Eps. 60: The MET Gala!

Eps. 57: Breaking the Sacred Timeline
with Variant Andrew James

Eps. 56: That's Not It Sis: How Can We Productively Hate on Art?

Eps. 55: From Constantinople to Tokyo:
Propaganda & Politics in Sports

Eps. 54: Queering and De-mystifying Printmaking
with Jenn Johnson

Eps. 53: Show Me The Money: Salary Transparency
with Onyx Montes

Eps. 53: Triptych Talk with Diptychs Josh & Gianna:
AKA Josh Thoughts

Eps. 52: Barking up the Art Tree with Dr. Elisabeth Green

Eps. 51: Queering the Museum: Performative Tendencies & PRID

Eps. 45: Canceled! "Separating the Art from the Artist"
with Anna Blake

Eps. 42: Agatha All Along: Comics, MCU, and WandaVision
Recap with Andrew James

Eps. 31: That's a Wrap

Eps. 27: Artpop Talk with Artpop Tart Clara Titus 

Eps. 19: The 2020 VMAs

Eps. 18: What's In Your Fluxkit?

Eps. 14: APT / OKCMOA

Eps.  11: Josh Thoughts